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Solar PV Glass Market- Global Analysis, Size, Share and Forecast to 2023

The Solar PV Glass Market was worth USD 1.59 billion in the year 2014 and is expected to reach approximately USD 22.36 billion by 2023 while registering itself at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 34.16% during the forecast period. A clean and sustainable power source is a reason other option to fossil fuel-based electricity. Its usage can help check the over-reliance on coal and fossil fuels, decrease air pollution and by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and broaden control supply. There has been a rising political and social agreement toward implementing clean energy generation techniques, subsequently driving the worldwide market.

Market Scenario:

The worldwide Solar PV glass market is described by a few key patterns that are anticipated to play a vital part in the coming years. Reducing solar PV glass costs are presumed to boost the worldwide market development over the estimated time frame. Nonetheless, cost-concentrated R&D activities to grow new and additionally unrivaled varieties of PV glass are foreseen to raise the costs, subsequently impeding business sector development in the coming years. Increased subsidizing to investigate the capability of solar PV crosswise over developing nations recommends that solar energy is expected to be the eventual fate of vitality age in the coming years. In May 2017, The International Solar Alliance declared the financing of USD 300 billion to advance the usage of manageable energy in the coming years. The increasing importance of restricting greenhouse gas emission is probably going to be the key driver for market development.

The global Solar PV Glass Market is segmented as follows-
By Application:
  • Non-residential
  • Residential
  • Utility
By Region
  • North America
  • U.S
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • Europe
  • Germany
  • France
  • UK
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Rest of Europe
  • Asia-Pacific
  • Japan
  • China
  • Australia
  • India
  • South Korea
  • Rest of Asia Pacific
  • Rest of the World
  • Brazil
  • South Africa
  • Saudi Arabia
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Others


Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Optical Coherence Tomography Market Global Report – Key Companies, Products, and Industry Analysis

Optical coherence tomography is high-resolution noninvasive imaging technology which is used to obtain cross-sectional images of the retina and optic nerve fibers. It uses light waves to produce high-resolution 2D images of the retina and related parts. Optical coherence tomography has evolved as one of the most important technologies used in ophthalmic practices. Unique features offered by this technology enable a broad range of research and clinical applications. This technology helps ophthalmologist to obtain images of distinctive layers of the retina which helps in diagnosis of various eye disorders including age-related macular degeneration and glaucoma. This technology employs light from the range of light sources to obtain the in-depth profile of retina.

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There are two main methods of the OCT-time domain (TD) and spectral domain (SD). Time-domain optical coherence tomography uses broadband optical source and a photodetector. The principle of operation is based on partial coherence where photodetector senses variation in the interference to produce cross-sectional images. Recent advancements in OCT technology have enabled imaging of nontransparent tissues by use of longer wavelength to reduce scattering of light across eye surface. One of the major applications of the technology is to use in conventional excisional biopsy by providing high depth images of pathology that cannot be obtained by use of other imaging techniques. Another important application of OCT is use in surgical interventions by enabling to see beneath the surface of tissues for surgical procedures of sensitive structures such as eye vessels and nerves. Although OCT technology is primarily used in ophthalmology, however owing to its unique property, OCT has found application in other fields such as dermatology and cardiology.

Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) Market Segmentation:

By Technology

  • Time Domain OCT (TDOCT)
  • Frequency Domain OCT (FD-OCT)
  • Spatial Encoded Frequency Domain OCT
  • Fourier Domain OCT (FDOCT)
  • Others
By Type

  • Catheter-based OCT devices
  • Doppler OCT devices
  • Handheld OCT devices
  • Tabletop OCT devices
By Application
  • Ophthalmology
  • Cardiovascular
  • Oncology
  • Dermatology
  • Others
  • Rest of the World
  • Brazil
  • South Africa
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Turkey
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Others

Monday, 11 December 2017

Alpha Olefin Market Review and Forecast 2023

The Alpha Olefin Market was worth USD 7.67 billion in 2014 and is expected to reach approximately USD 14.89 billion by 2023, while registering itself at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.64% during the forecast period. A major feedstock that is used for the assembling of alpha olefin is ethylene, which is delivered all around by making the use of gas-based oil and naphtha. The major applications of ethylene incorporate industrial reactions, for example, halogenation, hydroformylation, alkylation, hydration, polymerization, hydrogenation, and oligomerization. In 2008 North America encountered a boom in shale gas, prompting an enormous reduction in the cost of mechanical energy and feedstock. Shale rocks are used as a novel, low-valued cracker bolster for ethylene fabricating in this locale, which has brought about low market estimating and expanded supply levels. The revival of investments in different gigantic, homogenous cracker projects, in addition to ample, inexpensive  ethane supply from shale gas holds in the United States are probably going to goad the essential supply required for the creation of alpha-olefin. Alpha olefins are perceived to have no lethal impact on human as well as animal. The ideal administrative situation within the sight of REACH and the United States EPA is anticipated to support the worldwide market. Administrative support towards the improvement of bio-based alpha olefin is anticipated to support the market over the conjecture time frame. Strict legislative regulations with respect to the usage of polyethylene, which is the biggest application section, are foreseen to represent a test for the market development.
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Regional Outlook and Trend Analysis
In 2014 North America was the broadest regional market of aggregate usage. Expanding oil-drilling activities combined with limit developments of key producers are the main considerations that added to the market expansion. Asia Pacific is foreseen to be the quickest developing local market over the figure time frame. Developing demand of polyethylene because of surge in automotive and consumer goods market in India and China is anticipated to expand alpha olefin demand in the region. Easy accessibility of raw material, for example, ethylene, in the United States also, Mexico combined with the existence of key market players in the area, has brought about alpha olefin market development in North America. Europe is also anticipated that would encounter a decrease in the petrochemical business since various ethylene plants are probably going to wind up plainly uneconomic over the figure time frame. Offices in Europe are likewise significantly subject to burdened naphtha for alpha olefin generation, making focused disadvantage when contrasted with the United States or the Middle East.
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The Alpha Olefin Market is segmented as follows-
By Product:
  • 1-Octene
  • 1-Butene
  • 1-Dodecene
  • 1-Decene
  • 1-Hexene
  • Others
By Application:
  • Detergent Alcohol
  • Polyethylene
  • Synthetic Lubricants
  • Others
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Friday, 8 December 2017

Monoethylene Glycol Market 2023 Key Manufacturers Analysis

The Monoethylene Glycol Market was worth USD 21.45 billion in the year 2014 and is expected to reach approximately USD 38.71 billion by 2023, while registering itself at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.78% during the forecast period. The worldwide Monoethylene glycol market is anticipated to encounter a critical development over the figure time frame. The market is anticipated to be impacted by increasing demand of MEG as raw material for the production of polyester fibers. Monoethylene glycol (MEG) is a critical crude material for modern applications. An essential utilization of MEG is in the production of polyester (PET) gums, movies and filaments. Even, MEG is essential in the creation of liquid catalysts, coolants, flying machine hostile to icer and deicers and solvents. It can be also utilized for applications that require compound intermediates for gums, dissolvable couplers, the point of solidification misery, solvents, humectants and synthetic intermediates. These applications are essential to the fabricate of an extensive variety of items, including pitches, deicing liquids, warm exchange liquids, car radiator fluid and coolants, water-based glues, latex paints and black-top emulsions, electrolytic capacitors, material filaments and paper.

Market Scenario:
The market includes various competitors prevailing across regions. The prevalent business players incorporate SABIC, The Dow Chemicals, Regal Dutch, AkzoNobel, Mitsubishi Compound and Dependence Enterprises, which by and large holds more than 40% of the aggregate piece of the pie. The other market players include Lotte Chemical Corporation, Nan Ya Plastics Corporation, Sinopec Zhenhai Refining & Chemical Company, LyondellBasell Industries, MEGlobal, ExxonMobil Corporation, India Glycols and ChemtexSpeciality Limited.
The Monoethylene Glycol (MEG) Market is segmented as follows-
By Grade:
  • Polyester
  • Industrial
  • Antifreeze
  • Low Conductivity
By Application:
  • Polyester Fiber
  • PET
  • Antifreeze & Coolants
  • Chemical Intermediates

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Thursday, 7 December 2017

Insulin patch pump Market 2025 New Research Study

A research study titled, “Insulin Patch Pump Market by Type and Application - Global Industry Analysis and Forecast to 2025” published by Crystal Market Research, states that Insulin Patch Pump Market is expected to witness significant growth by 2025.
Market Scenario:
Insulin patch pump market is expected to experience significant growth in coming years between 2017 and 2025. The market is primarily driven by rising incidence of diabetes worldwide. Diabetes is on the rise globally with a steady increase around the world especially in the world’s middle-income countries. According to World Health Organization’s Global Report on Diabetes published in 2016, the global prevalence of diabetes has nearly doubled between 1980 and 2014, rising from 4.7% to 8.5% of the adult population. In terms of number of patients, the prevalence increased from 108 million in 1980 to 422 million cases in 2014. With increasing awareness among diabetics about technologically advanced devices for treating diabetes, the market for insulin patch pumps is expected to witness favorable growth during the forecast period. However, the complexity of such devices can sometimes prevent people from readily adopting them thus restraining the market growth.
Scope of the Report:
North America held a significant share of the insulin patch pump market in 2016 due to the availability of FDA approved insulin patch pumps such as the OmniPod Insulin Management System manufactured by Insulet Corporation and V-GO disposable insulin delivery device manufactured by Valeritas, Inc. The Asia-Pacific market has not experienced any substantial growth due to lack of large scale adoption of advanced therapies for diabetes management but can experience favorable growth in coming years owing to increasing awareness related to diabetes management in the region.
Insulin Patch Pump Market Segmentation:
By Type of Insulin:
  • Basal Insulin
  • Bolus Insulin
  • Basal-Bolus Insulin
By End User:
  • Hospitals
  • Private clinics
  • Online pharmacies
  • Retail pharmacies

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Infertility treatment Market 2023 New Research Study

The global infertility treatment market is anticipated to garner majority of the market during the forecast period owing to factors like increasing private-public investments, fertility rates, funds and grants and funds, increasing public awareness pertaining to infertility and the available treatment options, the increasing number of fertility clinics across the world and enhanced technology in fertility treatment are the major market driving factors for the growth of this market.

Depending on procedure, the infertility treatment market is sectioned into artificial insemination (AI), assisted reproductive technology(ART),fertility surgeries, and several other procedures. Of which, in 2016, ART segment attributes for the biggest market share of this industry due to escalating cases of infertility and increasing occurrence of lifestyle related disorders, enhanced technology in IVF field, more number of adoption of methods such as surrogacy and superior success rate of ART procedures.
Based on product, the infertility treatment market is segmented into media & consumables, instruments, and accessories. In 2016, the instruments segment was responsible for the biggest share in the market. Under instruments segment, the imaging systems product segment was the largest in 2016 due to increased usage of imaging systems in many procedures.
Hospitals and clinics, fertility centers, research institutes and cryobanks are various branches of the end user segment of this market on a global market.
Geographically, North America was leading in 2016, followed by Europe. Nevertheless, Asia Pacific region is predicted to propel at the most rapid CAGR since countries such as India, China, Taiwan, and Korea etc., are predicted to render superior growth opportunities for several market players.
The major market manufacturers of the global infertility treatment market are Irvine Scientific, Esco Micro Pte. Ltd, IVFtech ApS, The Baker Company Inc, Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc, Vitrolife AB, Cook Group Incorporated and Genea Limited.

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Fertility Testing Devices Market is projected to expand at a steady CAGR over the forecast period

A research study titled, “Fertility Testing Devices Market By Product and Mode of Purchase - Global Industry Analysis and Forecast to 2023” published by Crystal Market Research, states that the Fertility Testing Devices Marketis projected to be around $264.93 billion by 2023. On the basis of Product, the market can be segmented into two types Fertility Monitors and Ovulation Prediction Kits. On the basis of Mode of Purchase, the market can be segmented into two types Prescription Testing and Non-prescription or OTC Testing.

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Top Players:
  • Fertility Focus Limited
  • Church & Dwight
  • Swiss Precision Diagnostics
  • Fairhaven Health
  • Geratherm Medical AG
  • Prestige Brands
  • Geratherm Medical AG.
The report consists of the driving and limiting components for the Fertility Testing Devices market with an investigation of patterns, openings, and endearing objectives. The market is portioned and the esteem has been figure on the premise of significant regions, for example, Asia-Pacific, North America, Europe, and Row.

Ovulation Prediction Kits section of the Product segment is expected to cover major market share

The main considerations driving the development of this market are the rising middle period of first-time pregnancies in females, diminishing fertility rate in females, simple openness of ovulation screens on online business sites and expanding acknowledgment of basal body temperature-based ovulation screens. Then again, absence of the prescient power or accuracy to affirm ovulation and unverified exactness of urine based ovulation screens in PCOS/PCOD patients may ruin the development of the market.

Non-prescription or OTC Testing of the Mode of Purchase segment is expected to showcase major market share

The expanding number of different special exercises that are embraced by various organizations for expanding consciousness of cutting edge items in testing will invigorate the request and along these lines, increment appropriation of the fertility testing device market over the coming years. Variables limiting the fertility testing market incorporate simple accessibility of the bland apparatuses for finding of blood and salivation testing, and intemperate cost of ovulating screens.

Asia Pacific is expected to demonstrate highest market share over the forecast period
Asia-Pacific area is assessed to develop at the most noteworthy CAGR in the gauge time frame. Factors, for example, diminishing fruitfulness rate, developing number of ladies experiencing way of life issue, rising subsidizing/speculations for the improvement of fertility and ovulation screens, and developing concentration of both worldwide and local players on the Asia-Pacific market are driving the development of the fertility testing devices market in the Asia-Pacific district.